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Design and Construction Services​

Making any transportation system accessible and ADA compliant is not only what may be required by law but just good business.  The market share for seniors or people with disabilities can expand while concerns and complaints can be minimized by making a system accessible and ADA compliant.

Just like with the built environment (buildings, facilities, etc.), understanding the current state of ADA compliance is the starting point when evaluating an existing system and/or fleet of vehicles.

A key point is to make sure when evaluating a transportation system, the system is evaluated as a whole and not as separate elements of a system.  By example, a station or facility accessibility and ADA compliance must be evaluated with the transportation vehicles used at the station or facility.  And, if the transportation vehicles are assessed for accessibility and ADA compliance, the station or facility where the vehicles are used must also be assessed to ensure the system is truly accessible and compliant for a given vehicle type and/or fleet.