ADA Compliance, ADA Compliance Checklist and ADA Assessment

Performing a complete ADA assessment is the first step and the cornerstone to understanding the existing conditions and where the ADA non-compliance exists.  ​

Once the ADA assessment is performed, the existing non-compliance can be identified and then technical documents including the scope of work can be developed that are used for a request for proposal (RFP) for design services which can be in-house or contracted services.  

Evaluating the existing conditions is in my opinion, the most important step in the compliance process for any element, facility, transportation vehicle, etc.  If a quality ADA assessment is performed that looks for ADA non-compliance and documents findings, the technical documents that are then developed contain the elements necessary to bring a given system into compliance.  

With the existing conditions properly captured you will better understand where the problem areas were found and with our help, what work should be done first to maximize accessibility and ADA compliance in the shortest time-frame possible.  

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