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Services Offered

  • ADA Assessment
  • Design services; design development, plan and drawing reviews
  • Strategic Planning, prioritization strategy Development
  • Review & Training
  • Construction services field inspections, punch list, substantial complete, contract close out, post construction ADA certification
  • ​New Vehicle development, assessment of current revenue vehicles, transition plan development, Gap Analysis

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ADA Compliance and ADA Compliance Checklist 

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Years of Experience
Old train car entrance ramp

ADA Compliance and Engineering Consultant Services

Gary Talbot, a proven engineering consultant, development engineer and executive leader with years of experience

  • Performing a thorough and complete ADA assessment of any system or element of a system to determine ADA Deficiencies and ensure ADA Compliance
  • Station, facility, transportation vehicle, communications, ADA Compliance website checklist evaluation, etc.
  • Performing transportation vehicle ADA compliance intercity rail, heavy rail, light rail, commuter/regional rail, bus, paratransit, taxi, shuttle bus, boat, ship, theme park ride or attraction,  etc.
  • Performing design drawing and plan reviews to ensure ADA compliance
  • Performing field inspections and audits to ensure the construction or alteration is based on the design drawings and plans and the finished job is ADA compliant
  • Review and/or development of customer complaint systems, service monitoring systems, etc.
  • Creating a closed loop feedback system to ensure ADA compliance
  • Review and/or development of prioritization strategies to ensure high value ADA targets are advanced in the most strategic order possible
  • Review and/or development of ADA strategic plans that integrate with the business and service models and align with the entities corporate goals and objectives  
  • System analysis review to identify overall non-compliance and interactions between accessible elements, transportation modes, departments, etc.
  • Training system review and analysis, to ensure the training will lead to ADA compliance and also aligns with the entities strategy, goals and objectives
  • Employment and employee practices - ADA compliance assessment; electronic/printed/video/etc., policies on reasonable accommodation, FMLA, etc.
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Construction of new construction train station ADA ramp
new train car entrance ramp