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On existing projects that are in design or that have completed design and are ready for construction, in construction or completed construction, performing an ADA compliance review can be extremely useful.  This type of review is often called a “desktop” review so that any missing compliance related scope can be found and added as a change order to the construction contractor (if still in construction) or as new scope of work to generate an additional RFP to be bid as part of the existing contract or bid as a new and separate contract.  While this approach is not the most desirable it can help an entity avoid continuing to construct non-compliant projects without issuing a hard stop to a given construction contractor.


Even with an ADA compliant design, the construction phase can present many challenges for any business or entity.  We often say, no one visits a design or rides in a design, so while the ADA assessment and design phase are critical elements to an ADA compliant project how well a given design is adhered to by a construction contractor will determine whether the project is compliant or not. Contractors are in the business to complete a scope of work that enables them to be paid and they sure as heck don’t want to do work two or three times for what they bid for doing the work once.   Having contractors tear out finished non-compliant work can be detrimental to an overall project and also poison the bid pool for future construction contractors who would normally bid on your work.  These problems can be managed and mitigated by training the bid award winners before they are given the notice to proceed (NTP) and work is begun.  This is true for private sector work as well as public sector work.  

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